Meiskin Berry Gum Body Scrub

Meiskin Berry Gum Body Scrub

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Keep your skin clean, smooth and scrumptiously-scented with our very own body sugar scrub, bursting with the glorious scent of berries and bubblegum! YUM!

The ultimate berry-bubblegum exfoliant, the Berry Gum Scrub will cleanse and smooth your skin, leaving your skin glowing and smelling as sweet and yummy as ever!


Stef - 2016

My favourite scrub of them all! Not overly sweet but not overly plain and scrubs so well. I use it before I tan (and also after to scrub away excess tan). Haven't used anything else for years!

Tenille - 2015

I purchased the Berry Gum Scrub and the Berry Balm moisturiser. I chose two berry products to compliment each other and who could go past products, which are such pretty colours! Both products smelt like berry lollies. Delish!  The scrub cleansed and exfoliated my skin leaving it feeling smooth ready to apply the Berry Balm, which is a thick luxurious balm that left my skin very soft.

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