Meiskin Karamel Spray Natural Caramel Self-Tanner

Meiskin Karamel Spray Natural Caramel Self-Tanner

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Our all natural Karamel Spray is a wondrous natural instant self-tanning mist (infused with natural caramel!), purely dedicated to leaving you an unbelievably instant and long-lasting tan (minus the generic yucky tan smell!) 

How to use: For best results, ensure that you have exfoliated well before application. Apply with tanning mitt for even coverage. Allow to dry for 15 minutes before dressing. 


Amanda - 2015

I applied the Meiskin Karamel Spray Tan with a tanning mitt. Application was quite easy, compared to a few other tans you do have to be a bit more cautious around the feet/ankles and hands.

I applied two layers because I like to be BLACK, especially my bum, triple layer on the bum! The colour was nice and dark and had a really nice finish on my face and didn’t make me break out which I know some people are concerned about., yippee!

It does wear off quite quickly, but it wears off VERY nicely, no patches, no scaly skin, no skin pigmentation looking patches! Another win! Just make sure you keep it moisturised! (PS their Kokonut Kreme is to die for, only had it a week and I’m almost out, wish it was like the never ending packet of Tim Tams!)

Love the colour, no orange, organic and wears off beautifully. After using it for the second time last night I applied a nice layer of the Kokonut Kreme moisturiser to my hands and feet and I had a much better finish!

All in all a must buy and try!

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